Hemp Compounds Can Fight COVID-19, Researchers Say

Could hemp be a secret ingredient in the fight against COVID-19? According to the newly released results of a study at Oregon State University, the answer to that question is promising. Scientists at the school in Corvallis say they’ve determined that compounds contained in hemp show “the ability to prevent the virus that causes COVID-19 from entering human cells.” See The Article Here


Study FInds That Hemp Compounds CBD, CBG & THCA Can Block the Covid-19 Virus From Entering Your Cells.

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   CBD Helps Reduce Lung Damage From COVID By Increasing Levels Of Protective Peptide



CBD Helps Reduce Lung Damage from COVID

Credit: Kim Ratliff, Production Coordinator, Augusta University  

One way CBD appears to reduce the “cytokine storm” that damages the lungs and kills many patients with COVID-19 is by enabling an increase in levels of a natural peptide called apelin, which is known to reduce inflammation and whose levels are dramatically reduced in the face of this storm.  

Dental College of Georgia and Medical College of Georgia researchers reported this summer CBD’s ability to improve oxygen levels and reduce inflammation as well as physical lung damage in their laboratory model of deadly adult respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS.  

Now they have shown that apelin levels go way down with the viral infection, which has killed 1 million people worldwide, and that CBD quickly helps normalize those levels along with lung function. “It was dramatic in both directions,” says Dr. Babak Baban, DCG immunologist and associate dean for research, of shifting apelin levels in both circulating blood and lung tissue. Blood levels of the peptide dropped close to zero in their ARDS model and increased 20 times with CBD, they report in the Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine“CBD almost brought it back to a normal level,” Dr. Jack Yu, physician scientist and chief of pediatric plastic surgery at MCG, says of the apparent first connection between CBD and apelin.

Read the Full Article Here. 


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